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 Village 11 Factory is a new brand that prides themselves as the most unique cosmetic in the world. This brand is catered to people who want cosmetics that not only beautifies, but also improves their skin condition. They have a wide range of product from body care to makeup, complete with fun and artistic packaging, this particular brand will surely be a nice addition to your collection.


11011102  Village 11 Factory Body Oil Wash

This is a body wash product that contains oil, which helps effectively remove dirt and grime from your body while keeping your skin moisturized.

1103  Village 11 Factory Relax Day Body Oil Lotion

This product is a unique product, because this lotion foams up as soon as the product is applied to the skin. It contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients, it delivers the best result when paired with 11 Village Body Oil Wash.

1104  Village 11 Factory Relax Day Body Oil Cream

This product contains 20% shea butter and various moisturizing ingredients, which helps the skin stay soft and moisturized.

1105  Village 11 Factory Real Fit Moisture Cushion

This product is a moisturizing cushion makeup which moisturizes the skin while providing an excellent coverage. It has a High Definition Real System and it has an outstanding lasting power.



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