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Throughout the years, Mirfeel has been another name in providing purely-made-in Korea hair and skin care products in various famous OEM brands as well as in our own brands, AOMI.
Having state-of-art factory, R&D center and design center on our own factory which is located in South Korea, we have accumulated expertise in how to make eco-friendly, beautifully-designed and high quality products which are loved by well-known beauty and hair shops in Korea. This makes us stand out from all the other brands.
Now, it's your turn to meet the real values in our luxurious, purely-made-in Korea cosmetic line up and we are ready to serve you.

2002: Established in South Korea
Has 105 employees
$12 Mil Annual Sales
Sales ratio in Korea vs Overseas: 8:2
Created Aomi hair care brand (OEM is available)
Created Colornique, SOC and Yufit skin care brand (OEM is available)
Factory Capacity is 300.000 bottles/month.


aom1 aom2 aom3
Aomi Clinic Wave

This product contains keratin collagen which penetrates deeply into the hair, creating vivid curls and healthy gloss. It does not have a strong odor during application process and it creates minimal hair damage

Aomi Amine Free Base Wave

This product is an alkali free perm. It does not have any pungent smell or strong odor and it does not damage the hair during the perm process. Cysteamine component does not need extra alkali as it is alkalized when it's dissolved in the water, therefore preventing strong odor and pungent smell. The black bean, black sesame, chia seed, blackberry, eggplant, blueberry and blackcurrant contained in the product provides moisture to the hair

Nico Nico Premium Volume Magic Straight

This product contains mineral oil, which coats the air, preventing moisture loss due to heat and it creates a glossy result. The protective firm layer keeps the hair healthy and glossy.

aom4 aom5 aom6
Aomi Design Wave

This product helps minimize hair damage during the perm process with its grapeseed and argan oil contents. It comes in cream type, which is convenient when creating natural-textured, elastic wave. It does not have any strong, pungent smell after product use.

Aomi Damage Care Acid Wave

This product is made to help with damaged hair due to frequent perm or color process. It minimizes hair damage and unpleasant smell that usually comes from perm agent. It has a moisturizing power, this product creates a healthier hair, it also acts as a neutralizer which creates long lasting curl on damaged hair

Aomi Moisturizing Premium Volume Magic
This product is targeted for both normal and damaged hair, and it comes in both liquid and cream type. This product does not need extra thermal treatment as it easily penetrates to the hair and minimizes damage which results in smooth hair after application.
aom7 aom8 aom9
Aomi Waxing Volume Magic Straight
This product comes in 2 forms, a gel and cream form. It contains collagen peptides and water-soluble humectants which minimizes hair damage and retains moisture after application
MS Waxing Wave

The keratin collagen penetrates deeply into the hair, which creates vivid curl and healthy, glossy result.

MS Volume Texture Wave

This product contains rosemary extract, which creates moist and elastic wave and keeps your hair smooth for a long time. If you apply the 1st wave while your hair is damp, it enhances the softness of the hair.

aom10 aom11 aom12
MS Design Wave

This product contains grapeseed oil and argan oil, which minimizes damage. It comes in emulsion type, which is convenient when giving natural textured, elastic wave and this does not have any strong pungent smell after use.

MS Moisturizing Volume Magic

This product is targeted for both normal and damaged hair, and it comes in gel and cream form. There is no need for extra thermal treatment, as it penetrates into the hair quickly, minimizing the damage. It leaves hair smooth and soft after application.

MS Waxing Magic Straight

This product comes in both gel and cream form. It contains collagen peptides and water-soluble humectants, which minimizes damage and keeps hair moisturized after application.

aom13Japan Svesve Volume Magic Straight
This product is a high-end volume magic. It minimizes hair damage during the process and it contains high-enriched collagen as well as essential amino acids. 
aom14 Nico Nico PD Volume Magic/ PD Perm.
This product can be mixed or made according to the customer’s request. It can be used for both perm and color. PD perm allows you to achieve a style that can only be done through natural perm process.

Nico Nico Red Smart Wave

This product contains minerals from deep sea water and moisture element which controls moisture balance. It is the multi-perm agents that is useful for heat perm, natural perm and low-temperature perm. Also with highly purified amino acid cysteamine, it provides fast protein recovery for damaged hair and more elastic wave style.


 aom16  aom17  aom18

Nico Nico Normal Wave

The hydrolysis protein penetrates deep into the hair and it prevents extreme damage. It creates a more defined and elastic wave, the mineral oil contained in the product provides gloss and softness to the hair.


Nico Nico Extra Wave

This product contains black bean, black sesame, chia seed, blackberry, eggplant, blueberry and blackcurrant, which keeps the hair moisturized and healthy by minimizing scalp stimulation. The hydrolysis protein contained in the product helps to protect the hair and this product does not have a strong odor.

Nico Nico Premium Wave

This product is a damage-free premium hair wave that makes you feel like you’re simply just getting a hair treatment. It contains herbal ingredients, such as cymbopogon ciitratus, chamomile, rooibos and tea tree leaf, which gives a relaxed feeling and less perm smell. This product is mild for the skin and gives less scalp stimulation, which is perfect for styling.



aom19Nico Nico Regular Volume Magic

The mineral oil contained in the product minimizes damage and gives glossy result in natural perm. This is the product for hair that is not as damaged and it gives a more elastic result.

aom20 Nico Nico Normal Volume Magic Straight
This product is a volume magic straightening product that can also be used for wavy perm. The reducing agents prevents damage on the ends of the hair and creates a more elastic curl style.
aom21 Nico Nico Extra Volume & Setting
This is a product that is used when doing magic straight, this product minimizes moisture loss during the process due to its mineral oil content. The protective layer ensures a glossy end result.



Aomi Hair Clinic System

This is an intensive hair treatment product for badly damaged hair. It contains the right ingredients for both color and perm procedure. Aomi Clinic 1,2 and 3 contain ingredients that are meant to improve damaged hair. The newly created hair film protects the hair strands and the Hydroproxypropyl Chitosans will turn into cuticles. This process will greatly improve the hair appearance.


 System 01: The protein that is extracted from Assai oil, milk and ceramide that is extracted from yeast, will correct damaged hair. The oil/moisture layer that is created by AOMI 01 protects the damaged layers from chemicals and sunlight exposure, therefore recovering the CMC layers, ensuring hair vitality.
System 02: The assai oil and amino acids contained in the product will change the hair cuticle’s structure by filling it up with nutrition. Aomi 02 gives elasticity, stops the damage process and recovers the hair condition by reorganizing CMC layers, making a stronger structure. It also contains deep water minerals which provide moisture and softness to the hair.
System 03: This product contains pracaxi oil and hyaluronic acid, which supplies moisture to the hair and providing softness and elasticity. Assai oil’s antioxidant increases hair resistance, blocks ultraviolet radiation and protects hair from split ends and breakage. The hydrolyzed keratin and vitamins recover the hair damaged by chemical procedure and creates stronger hair


 aom24 aom25   aom26

MS N Premium Hair Color Cream

1. This product contains active hair protectant ingredients which protects both the hair’s surface layer and the cuticle layer.
2. It has a good coating effect, ensuring glossier result.
3. It has a grape scent and minimal contact with the scalp, making the process more pleasant.
4. This line has the trendiest hair colors that are used in Korea, these are the colors that are used in top hair salons here.

 aom27  aom28  aom29

Aomi Natural Henna Hair Color

This product is a hair coating hair color treatment that is mainly used to cover grey hair. It has fine particles for faster, simpler process. The fine henna particles can easily absorb to the hair, providing nutrition and it gives excellent coating.

Aomi Seven Mild Waxing Manicure Color
This product has an excellent polymer-type coating, which provides vivid result and has high dyeing affinity, as well as adsorptive power, preventing fading when the hair comes in contact with water, making the color last longer. 

Nico Nico Hair Waxing Manicure

This product coats the hair with a very potent antioxidant and polymer, which gives a vivid hair color. The extracts from green tea leaves, portulacae herba, eoseongcho and scutellaria helps to retain moisture, making the hair soft and silky.



Nico Nico Color Remover

This product contains positive ion ingredients, which makes your hair smooth. This remover does not strip your hair of moisture, it provides moisture while removing all types of color agents such as alkali, neutral and acid.

 aom31  aom32  aom33

Aomi Argan Hair Essence Oil

This hair essence contains argan, camellia, olive and jojoba oil. It tames frizzy hair and gives a sleek result after the hair dries. It protects your hair when using heat tools. The vitamin E and natural oil in the product penetrate into the hair, making it glossy and sleek.


Aomi Jojoba Oil Essence

This product contains jojoba oil, which protects the hair from losing moisture and gives a glossy finish. It also has vitamin A, E and B5 derivative, which nourishes damaged hair and improves the hair texture.

 Aomi Green Tea Curling Essence

This product contains jojoba seed oil, green tea leaves, purslane, Asiatic pennywort, mugwort, eoseongcho, olive leaves and scutellaria, which provide moisture and tame frizz, making your curls more elastic and smoother.


 aom34  aom35  aom36
 Aomi Green Tea Extract PPT Essence
This product contains jojoba seed oil, green tea leaves, purslane, Asiatic pennywort, mugwort, eoseongcho, olive leaves and scutellaria, as well as polymer which covers the hair strands and increases strength and volume.
 Aomi Green Tea Extract Nourishing Essence
This product contains avocado seed oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil and Camilla oil, which nourish your hair. It gives a glossy end result.
 Aomi Green Tea Extract Aqua Essence
This product provides moisture to dry hair and tames frizzy hair, making it soft and smooth. It contains 7 natural ingredients, such as jojoba oil, green tea, portulacae herba, Asiatic pennywort, mugwort and hydrolyzed collagen silk, as well as catechin, which improves damaged hair, making it stronger and healthier.


aom37 Aomi Green Tea Extract Shake Essence
This is a spray essence product that contains green tea, portulacae herba, Asiatic pennywort, mugwort, eoseongcho, olive leaves and scutellaria which nourishes dry hair and protecting it from damage when using heat tools.

Aomi Free Style Matt Wax

This wax contains black bean, black sesame, chia seed, eggplant, blueberry and blackcurrant extract which provides nutrition to the hair while keeping your hair in place.


Aomi Basic Repair PPT Paste

This paste fills up the damaged part of the hair cuticles with hydrolyzed keratin and the polymer contained in the product coats the hair to protect it from further damage.


 aom40  aom41  aom42

Aomi Basic Repair PPT Balance

This is a spray type PPT balance. It nourishes your hair and provides elasticity, protecting the hair from damage and strengthening the hair cell structure.


Nico Nico Shake Essence

This product is a spray type essence. It contains 4 natural herb ingredients, adding moisture to the hair and giving it a glossy finish. It protects the hair from damage when applied before all kinds of perm, permanent straightening and blow dry.


Nico Nico PH Balance

This product is a protective protein layer that helps damaged hair recover faster and it helps rebuild the cuticle layer, which brings the hair’s PH level back to its original sub-acid level to alleviate the hair damage.


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