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Baraboni is a newly launched Korean cosmetic brand that prides itself for carrying high quality products with reasonable prices. This brand makes products that contain all the beneficial ingredients such as snail slime and horse oil. They have a wide arrange of products that will suit every skin type and concern.



BaraBoni Aloe Mask Sheet

This mask sheet contains Aloe Vera essence which maintains skin clarity and provides moisture that softens your skin. It will surely keep your skin healthy.


BaraBoni Cucumber Mask Sheet

This mask contains cucumber essence which brightens and purifies dull skin.


BaraBoni Collagen Mask

This mask contains collagen derived from vegetables which deeply hydrates and strengthens your skin, making it soft and supple.


BaraBoni Royal Jelly Mask

This mask is infused with royal jelly essence which nourishes rough skin and maintains skin elasticity at the same time.


BaraBoni Grain Mask Sheet

This mask contains grain essence gives vitality to your skin while maintaining moisture level all day, preventing dryness and making your skin more supple.

b6 BaraBoni Pearl Mask Sheet

This mask contains pearl essence, which brightens dull, uneven skin, making it appear clearer and it almost helps to moisturize your skin, giving it a healthy and revitalized look.


BaraBoni Red Ginseng Mask Sheet

This mask contains red ginseng extract which helps relieve tired skin, as well revitalizing and nourishing the skin.


BaraBoni Coconut Mask Sheet

This mask contains coconut essence, which provides moisture to the skin, making it soft and revitalized.


BaraBoni Snail Mask Sheet

This mask sheet contains snail slime, which strengthens your skin and making it smooth and supple.


BaraBoni Horse Oil Mask Sheet

Horse Oil has been used as a skin care ingredient since the old times, especially in China.. Horse Oil absorbs quickly to the skin which helps with maintaining skin’s moisture level as well as keeping it healthy, strengthening the skin barrier. This mask contains horse oil, which will surely keep your skin in healthy condition


BaraBoni Shining Radiance Mask

This shining radiance mask helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, because it contains AHA which is derived from fruit extract. It also makes your skin glow, due to its lipidure PMB content. This mask contains peptide, mushroom and oat extract which provides extra nourishment to your skin. Lastly, this product brightens your skin with its protein content, preventing melanin from forming on your skin.


BaraBoni M.R Whitening Cream

This product helps to brighten your skin tone and get rid of pigmentation. It is made from natural ingredients that is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. This cream contains:
1. Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, which helps with freckles and pigmentation.
2. Niacinamide, which brightens and improves your skin texture.
3. Cordyceps militaris extract, which helps with wrinkles and dullness.
4. Sodium hyaluronate, which hydrates and moisturizes your skin.
5. Lipidure PMB, which helps to retain moisture


BaraBoni Cream

This cream is infused with horse oil, which is known for its fast absorption and hydrating effect. It nourishes your skin, making it smooth and supple.


BaraBoni Emulsion

This emulsion is infused with horse oil, which soothes your skin. Every ingredient is mixed together, making your skin clear, smooth and supple.

b15 BaraBoni Tonic

This tonic contains horse oil, aloe vera extract and centella extract, which helps calm and soothe your skin.


BaraBoni Eye Cream

This eye cream hydrates and softens the under eye area that easily gets dry.


BaraBoni Anti-Aging Essence

This anti-aging essence contains horse oil which softens and gives moisture to your skin. This product also helps clear dead skin cells, making it appear softer and brighter. It contains adenosine, which helps improve wrinkles.


BaraBoni Whitening Essence

This whitening essence contains horse oil, which provides hydration and it also helps remove dead skin cells, making your skin soft and bright. It contains niacinamide which helps with brightening.

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