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LABNOSH - future Food!

How can we consume nutrients in most comfortable way? We study SIMPLE FOOD to get that answer. Beginning with  powder form, LABNOSH will constantly research and evolve to complete the dream food, such as liquid, solid, and tablets in a movie.





It is a perfect nutritionally-balanced diet as, under the standards provided by the Korean Nutrition Society, LABNOSH not only includes the three major nutrients necessary for a single meal but also contains 20 types of vitamins and minerals. LABNOSH can help cut down the intake of high- priced nutritional supplements and avoid a lack and/or surplus of any specific nutrient(s) due to dietary imbalance.

 LABNOSH offers a wide choice of a total of seven flavors: seven for LABNOSH - Granola Yogurt, chocolat, Green Cereal, Uva Milktea, Sweet Potato, Blueberry Yogurt, Honey Corn;and three for LABNOSH Flat - grain, banana and apple moringa.


Aronia juice made with 12 Brix suitable for constant drinking.

The texture and flavor that seems to be eating real pumpkin right now with different solids content.



Water supplement for steady water drinking habit. Simple and delicious daily intake of 1.5L of water, healthy habits to resolve the problem of skin and health.

Contain 0 Calorie Natural Sweetener erythritol, so you can drink without worrying about sugar.

Drink more delicious water to drink more! A sweet ‘Sweet' with grapefruit and hibiscus, a refreshing ‘Citrus' with lime and kalamansi.

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