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Cleansing Pop

Cleansing pop is a dry foam that contains glutathione and natural ingredients, its soft and delicate foam help remove makeup and deep clean your pores, which leaves your skin clean and transparent.

루치온 보들보들 클렌징팝 건성용

Bbodeuk Bbodeuk Cleansing Pop

This cleansing pop is targeted for oily skin, this is especially good for when you are doing sport. It leaves your skin smooth and hydrated

Bossong Bossong Cleansing Pop

This cleansing pop is perfect for travelling, when your skin is more tired and sensitive, as this helps calm sensitive skin

Boddle Boddle Cleansing Pop

This cleansing pop is targeted for people with dry skin. This product is perfect for when you go to water park or spa, it keeps your skin moisturized without making it oily

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