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Natureby, a brand created by a cosmetic company named CocoPharm, is based in Gwangju, Gyeonggido Province, South Korea. Natureby produces skin care products that are targeted for consumers who are in their 20s. We aim to preserve the purity and youthfulness of young skin through using nature’s best ingredients. We are committed to continue using natural ingredients and avoid artificial substances that can harm the skin.
We strive to continuously improve our products and invest generously on our R&D department. We will continue to be a reliable brand that everyone can trust.



Mask Pack

1 day 1 pack era!

Our product allows you to choose an item that suits your skin type and without breaking the bank.

Invest 10-15 minutes of your day for self-care and we can guarantee that you will see immediate improvement.
Moisture, brightening, calming and anti-wrinkle, we have all kinds of products that will help you achieve these healthy skin criteria. When it comes to mask sheets, an efficient mask sheet is consisted of high quality essence and material.

Because this product directly touches the skin, this product should not cause any immediate negative reaction. This hygienic mask comes in felt, cloth, hydrogel, bio-cellulose, tensel fabric and rayon material.


Anti-Aging and Wrinkle Care

As we get older, getting wrinkles is impossible to avoid. However, instead of avoiding it, we can just focus on minimizing the problem

Wrinkle is not only caused by old age, if we spend a lot of time frowning or if we spend a lot of time in a dry climate, wrinkles can inevitably form.

First and foremost, the habit of avoiding the sunlight, wearing sunglasses and applying sun protection will help you minimize these problems.

To prevent this further, using skin care products that contain arbutin and natural ingredients will help you solve this problem.

n10 Green Tea Mask Pack

This product is made from green tea extract which suits sensitive skin. It helps soothe and tighten your skin.

n11 Tomato Essence Mask Sheet

This product is made from tomato essence, which not only softens the skin, but also brightens and helps relieve tired skin

n12 Potato Essence Mask Sheet

This mask contains potato essence which helps purify the skin and tighten the pores.

n13 Pomegranate Essence Mask Sheet

This mask helps to relieve and strengthen sensitive skin

n14 Aloe Essence Mask Sheet

This mask sheet contains aloe vera essence, which is suitable for sensitive skin and helps to increase skin’s vitality.

n15 Blueberry Essence Mask

This mask sheet contains blueberry essence which cleans, softens and relieves sensitive skin.

n16 Royal Jelly Essence Mask Sheet

This product contains royal jelly essence, which helps moisturize and plump the skin, giving it a healthy, glossy look.

n17 Snail Essence Mask Sheet

This mask sheet contains snail essence which brightens and improves skin’s health.

n18 Collagen Essence Mask

This mask contains collagen essence which suits sensitive skin. This mask will hydrate and give the skin a healthy look.

n19 Moisturizing Essence Mask Pack

This mask contains both Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera Essence, which revitalizes the skin. This mask also smooths and nourishes rough and uneven skin, making it softer and clearer.

Whitening Essence Mask Pack

This mask contains pig placenta enzyme, vitamin C, arbutin and hyaluronic acid which helps brighten dull skin, hydrate and clear your skin tone.

n20 Vitalizing Essence Mask Pack

This mask helps nourish and moisturize dry skin with its plant stem cell content and fermented galactomytes. This mask has high content of essence which moisturizes dry skin, making it soft and bright.

Anti-Wrinkle Mask Pack

This product contains pig placenta enzyme, collagen, hyaluronic acid which is effective at preventing wrinkles. This mask can help relieve stressed skin that is constantly exposed to pollution, making it smooth and clear.

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