Contract manufacturing of cosmetics

We are glad to present a new service - contract manufacturing of cosmetics and accessories in South Korea under our own brand.

OEM is a contract manufacturing, where the manufacturer will perform the entire range of work on the production of a cosmetic product according to your recipe and technical specifications.

ODM - includes a full cycle of development and production, including the formulation and proposal of packaging design.

After the work plan is agreed and approved, the process of manufacturing an experimental sample for testing is about 20 days. The term of serial production depends on the volume of the batch and is an average of 30 days.

It is no secret that the Republic of Korea is a world leader in the production of cosmetics, growth indicators only increase from year to year. Korean cosmetics has won the love of consumers around the world due to its excellent quality, product performance, natural formulations and attractive packaging.

Thanks to our vast experience in procurement and knowledge of the Korean cosmetic market, we will be able to select the production that best meets your requirements and preferences, and help you realize even the brightest and most non-standard ideas.



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