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YEPPEN SKIN presents the solution for you to meet the desire of all of us  who want to be beautiful anytime and anywhere.
In order to produce safe and good quality products, company will co-develop with domestic certified cosmetic research team.

Constantly study for quality improvement and new product development reflecting various feedbacks.


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Perfect Bubble Cleanser

Unlike the other conventional foam cleansers, 'PERFECT BUBBLE CLEANSER’ removes wastes in the deep pores with fine foam particles.

And it moisturizes even after washing your face. Also, it does not contain fragrance, so it is odorless which means this is a mild foam cleansing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Cool Refresh Purifying Mask

Peel-off type of mask in blue color which will help you to soften the skin texture.

Together with menthol ingredients, this mask wil deliver you the fresh and cooling feeling.

Also, thanks to the chestnut shell, it will remove the wastes efficiently and let you have better skin texture.


Silky Face Peeling Gel

 It is an exfoliator in gel type and it gently removes the dead cell skin on your face.

Those smart ingredients will help you to exfoliate, tighten the pores and smoothe out your skin so that you can have the clean and better skin texture.


Perfect 6 in One BB Cream

It is a multifunctional BB CREAM for flawless, brightening moisturizing and even it protects your skin from UVA and UVB.

IN addition, soft focus effect using diffuse reflection of synthetic sapphire and it naturally covers the skin imperfection then provides you the natural tone-up with wrinkle caring.


Perfumed Hand Cream - Sweet Peach

Subtle peachy fragrance within this perfumed hand cream is great enough to make you feel fresh and lovely.

It is made into a water drop formulation with sweet fragrance so that your hands stay with moisture always and no stickiness.


 Busy Men All in One Moisturizer 

 All-in -one moisturizer for the busy men. one moisturizer for the busy men. Included with toner, lotion, and essence  in one kit for skin care easily. 


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