Enough is a South Korean cosmetics brand founded in 2005. In 2018, it literally blew up the internet with hundreds of rave reviews from customers. Every self-respecting blogger and make-up artist got acquainted with the company’s products. The fame of the brand's miraculous foundation Enough Collagen Foundation spread throughout Russia through word of mouth. What is the secret of product success?

Brand’s popularity is based on its concept - Enough creates skincare products in view of the physical characteristics and needs of the residents of each exporting country - Russia, Japan, China, and Mongolia. Focusing on the needs of overseas customers, Enough relies on the strengths of Korean cosmetics - moisturizing, whitening, rejuvenating and healing. Every Enough skincare and beauty product uses natural ingredients - hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, snail mucin, cucumber extracts, aloe, and grain extracts.

Reasons to choose Enough Collagen:

  • The brand is at the peak of its popularity and is in great demand
  • Their products are of high quality and come at very affordable prices
  • A wide selection of foundations ensures a large number of customers