“Achieve beautiful and picturesque skin”

It is probably one of the most delicate and cutest cosmetics brands that we have in our stores. Warm pastel colors make you fall in love at first sight, and the delicate and luxurious scent of flowers gives you complete care and relaxation, like after pampering yourself in a spa.

Pittoresco is a Korean premium cosmetics brand, a source of authentic beauty and bold self-confidence anytime, anywhere. Their products help you unleash your beauty potential like never before.

PITTORESCO was developed back in 2014 by South Korean company IPIACOSMETICS and co-brother of Dr. HEDISON, which today has already confidently established itself in Russia and Europe.

Fun Fact: PITTORESCO means “beauty” in Italian

Company’s innovative products are made for those who cannot find the right solution, even with all the essential products for perfect skin and makeup. Thanks to the unique technologies of adding skincare products to cosmetics, Pittoresco makes it possible to get the ideal makeup and superbly smooth, even, luxurious and delicate skin at the same time. The company uses only natural ingredients such as biosaccharide resin, natural oils, extracts of flowers, leaves, shoots, and various plants' roots. Suitable for all skin types. The impeccable design combines style, beauty and comfort. The assortment of the brand includes moisturizing and restoring products, serums, sheet masks, cushions, BB and CC creams, and skin cleansers.

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