Mizonis a South Korean producer of high-quality cosmetics. It was founded by Nabion in 2000 with in-house laboratories located in three research centers in Japan, France, and Switzerland. The company's CEO is a certified biochemist, a seasoned businessman, and chairman of a Korean charitable foundation.

In 2014, Mizon became a creative laboratory focused on the development of know-how products – these are gentle and hypoallergenic products made according to proprietary formulas. The company uses the best raw materials that undergo multi-stage certification. Anti-aging products contain extracts of medicinal plants, glacial water, stem cells, snail mucin, and other components.

The effectiveness of Mizon products has been appreciated by women all over the world. The brand is hugely popular and receives many positive reviews.

Brand’s main advantages:  

  • Exceptional composition, natural ingredients
  • Affordable price
  • Flawless quality and effectiveness
  • Visible results

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