“Awaken your skin’s natural strength!”

The So'Natural brand was born in 2008 (the same year as Tony Moly). But why did it remain in the shadow for so long? 

The founders decided not to bother with promotion (“it is better to spend extra money on creating new formulas and testing”, they said). They believed that their product was SO AWESOME that word of mouth would work its magic. The composition includes truly unique and very expensive components.

The entire range of the brand has “Swiss Seven Gohla Lab” mark, which indicates the joint development of South Korean and Swiss technologists.

The central concept of the brand lies in its name. Simply put, cosmetics must contain ingredients that are exclusively of natural origin. They help eliminate all skin imperfections and promote its natural beauty.


Unlike most popular Korean brands in Russia and the CIS, So'Natural products are top-sellers in South Korea:

  • All Day Tight Make Up Setting Fixer;
  • Red Peel Tingle Serum;

- And it is no secret that Korean women are very “smart and picky” when it comes to cosmetics.

Bottom line: high-quality product + great feedbacks from Korean beauties = SO'NATURAL

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