Village 11 Factory

Do you see this perky and insane-looking professor?

Meet Dr. Eccentric!

He and his team seem a little “out-of-this-world.” After all, they have introduced the "devil's claw" in the cosmetics!

Fun fact:
The company’s name Village 11 Factory translates as “RURAL FACTORY”. One can imagine Doctor Eccentric collecting herbs and flowers in the South Korean countryside, pounding them in a mortar and making extracts, and using them to produce the world's best skincare cosmetics!

In addition to the unique ingredient, the company has a bunch of other tricks up its sleeves, one of which is in Seoul, in the most famous area of all – Gangnam, home to Korean celebrities, the most fashionable shops, and Michelin-starred restaurants.

The store looks like a factory from the outside. Still, when you enter, you immediately find yourself in a real art space, where a very creative, inspiring atmosphere of beauty, creativity and modern technology reigns.

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