May Island

Nothing supports us like nature, creator of all living. This idea was adopted by May Island - young, but already trendy brand of Korean cosmetics. The brand was introduced by the cosmetics company KocosLab in 2014.

“Pristine nature for beauty and radiance“
The company offers products that are made only from naturally-sourced and hypoallergic ingredients collected from all continents. Their natural products help actively fight the signs of aging and withering of the skin or hair.

The production process factors in the preservation of the environment in, which is so generous in sharing its wealth. And part of the profit received from the sale of cosmetics goes to the NGO fund that protects nature.


  • Unique products
  • Natural ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Colorful design
  • Premium quality at an affordable price

May Island – with your beauty in mind!

Company’s carefully curated products are created for those who want:

  • Younger skin
  • Healthy hair
  • Toned skin
  • Hydrated and moisturized skin

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