The N.B.P.


- Isn’t it inconvenient to carry a cosmetic bag with you everywhere to fix your makeup?

- Students and office workers also struggle to fit cosmetics in a bag full of books and notebooks!

- And it’s so frustrating when you have to choose only the most “needed" products when you go out with a small handbag.

There are many other unpleasant situations that women all over the world face every day.

No one has dared to solve this problem until The N.B.P. (Naturally Beautiful People) introduced their innovative product – “MAKEUP KIT” back in 2018.

Imagine a complete set of eyeshadow, lipstick, concealer, eyeliner, and brush that fits comfortably in one hand! It sounds unthinkable! But we are sure that this magic kit will save many women and girls a lot of trouble, making their lives easier and making many entrepreneurs a lot richer.

The N.B.P. shared the exciting story of the creation of this product:

“One day Claire (the founder of the company) found herself carrying all her makeup in her bag, like many girls, when leaving the house. It was a kind of a habit. On one of these days, she noticed that it was extremely inconvenient to always carry a huge cosmetic bag. And so, she began to invent a special kit...”

It is how the kit was born. And it has already become flight attendants’ favorite accessory. No wonder! They spend most of their time onboard and traveling. And Miss Korea named it the most convenient and innovative product!

You probably thought: “If it is so convenient and small, it must be of low quality.”

As we mentioned earlier, it is a MAGIC kit. The manufacturer, in addition to practicality, guarantees the quality and safety of the product. The lipstick has excellent pigmentation; the shadows do not crumble and are perfectly shaded with the brush that comes with the set.

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